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Not because the tactic of making an attempt to overwhelm an enemy with wave after wave of troops, 90% of them worn out earlier than they even reached a firing place, i.e. that of the Japanese foot troopers in WWII has there been such a massacre as we’re beginning to see now in Ukraine.

The Ukrainian regime, prompted primarily by the USA and UK is diminished to frog-marching any civilian males it will probably discover and seize as much as the age of seventy into its heavily-depleted military and sending them as cannon-fodder into what has been labelled because the ‘Kherson Counteroffensive’.

Irrespective of that they die of their droves or are horrendously wounded after being despatched to face the skilled Russian navy with nearly no coaching, no artillery or air cowl to talk of and get bombed out of their distress… it seems to make no distinction to the soulless women and men who delivered them to their very own private hell.

For the sake of a publicity stunt aimed toward impressing their distributors who meet on the eighth of this month Ukrainian males who would far somewhat be at residence with their households are being sacrificed on the altar of zElensky’s delight. That he, nor his puppet-masters, care a factor concerning the common Ukrainian is obvious. It should absolutely be the case that the Ukrainian navy excessive command should additionally pay attention to this truth and are absolutely additionally considering of the right way to depose this excruciatingly vainglorious martinet.

As has not too long ago been revealed, it’s quickly to be ex-Prime Minister of Britain, Boris Johnson who should bear a big quantity of blame for the massacre we now have seen during the last many months with a whole bunch of Ukrainian troops dying each day. It was primarily he who personally delivered the message to zElensky that not at all should he proceed to hunt a peaceable settlement with Russia to finish the preventing however as an alternative to battle on and be equipped with countless weaponry by his nation and all others inside the collective West. That is why Johnson will all the time be a battle prison, whether or not he’s hauled in from of the Worldwide Prison Courtroom at The Hague or not.

Realizing that the battle can’t be gained and this has been clear to these in ex-military circles since February 24, that is actually a criminal offense in opposition to humanity by your complete elite political superstructure of the western world with Boris Johnson, Joe Biden and sure others being the first battle criminals accountable. This battle is being knowingly and actively prolonged by the aforementioned, not with any silly idea linked with Ukraine “profitable”, that was by no means even a regret risk, however as an alternative sacrificing the life blood of tens of 1000’s of Ukrainians within the West’s proxy battle to weaken Russia.

The lies which have been advised by the western political and media elites have gushed like waterfalls after the worst torrential storm identified to mankind. They’ve rushed in a torrent engulfing each mainstream conduit of press or media. It has poured into gullible minds corrupting intelligence in all places throughout a West that has misplaced all contact with both conscience or actuality. These lies have served to bolster the ability of these doing the bloodletting in Ukraine, it has served to stiffen the sinews of cynical and deeply callous attitudes that engender mass homicide. And it has seeped into the consciousness of a whole western tradition degrading it past recognition.

And whereas Ukrainians of all ages die of their droves on the behest of the monstrous evil residing in Kiev, Washington and Whitehall, these devils in human type plot much more disastrous strikes that may sacrifice ever extra of them to die horrible deaths or undergo for the remainder of their lives from horrendous mutilations. The women and men behind these atrocities don’t have any compunction about sending ever better numbers of Ukrainians to their deaths or lifelong distress. Solely the rabid, obsessional must win over the Russians obsesses them and they’re keen to battle to the final Ukrainian to attain their international ambitions.

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